Mental Pause...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

So as I said in my last post, I had completed 49 posts and this was set to be my 50th.. well..clearly I took a mental pause that day cos this is only my 44th post!? I forgot I had undeleted drafts that were being counted as posts.. so oops!! sorry! For my real 50th I will do my giveaway as promised! So for this post i thought I would answer the questions you guys very kindly left for me, feel free to leave me more for my real 50th post too! :)
Also while flicking through a back issue of British Elle i found these amazing shots that i thought id share, I love looking through old magazines to see things with new eyes...

Love this sequin dress and saftey pin bracelet

Amazing necklace..

I think this model (whoever she is!) expresses such amazing energy in this photos! Love them!


If you could be any other person in the world who would you be?
hmm, good question! id have to say Alice in Wonderland! I realise she's not real but who wouldnt wanna live in a land of complete fantasy and chase after a white rabbit!
What made you start a blog?
Unfortunately not an orginal answer here, but i started my blog through reading Fashion Toast and then eventually plucking up the courage to write my own.
What do you do for fun?
Apart from blogging? lol I love going to the cinema with my bf, walking my dogs around Hillsborough Forest (near my house and so beautiful), watching Americas next top model and Project runway, shopping and hanging out with friends drinking tea :)
Whats your most favourite place to be?
On a regular basis.. in my parents apartment up at the north coast of Ireland with my bf looking out at the sea, Favourite place Ive visited would be New York and place id most like to visit would be New Zealand and Japan.
What is your dream job?
I have so many! one day I want to own my boutique selling my own accesories and clothing as well as flowers and cupcakes and trinkets of all kinds..Id also like to work for a magazine like Elle or Nylon, id also love to working in the buying department of ASOS.
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Yes I have one younger brother Adam 23, and one younger sister Sophie 21. I recently convinced my sister to start a blog and you can check her out at

Thank you for all your comments of encouragement for me going obscenely orange with my hair, as soon as I have the funds and get it coloured I will be sure to post pictures!
Also again please leave me any further random questions and ill be sure to answer them for my 50th post, the randomer the better!! xx

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  1. was about to type "happy 50th post" but I guess it will have to wait!!:) Q&A posts are the best, it's great getting to know the person behind the blog! Here's my question: favourite item in your closet & why? x

  2. Oh it's so lovely to learn so much more about you! Okay, here's another question, what is the happiest memory you have?

  3. Love the sequin dress with the holes in it soo cool!

  4. Thank you for give me hints to find my coming-sequin-dress-to-buy! They're so delicate :)

    By the way, I love the Q&A answers! You're really a sweet, lovely girl. I have several question for you :
    1. How do you perceive fashion? Do you have your own opinion about it or just go with the general?
    2. What's your signature style?

    Two is enough! will be waiting for the next post, sweet magpie! <3

  5. Love the photos in this post, I have to agree the model really does express loads of energy in her photos. Loved reading the answers to the questions as well big sis! xo

  6. Thanks for the Elle scans. I love them! Your Q&A was lovely. I really enjoyed learning more about you. And yes, being Alice in Wonderland would be INCREDIBLE. :)

  7. Q&A are always so interesting :) waiting for the 50th post, even though i just came here, so i have to see all the previous... ill finish just in time to say - congrats on the 50th :)

  8. Alic in the Wonderland! So sweet!

  9. Ohhh i love your Q&A post :)) Always exciting to know about another fellow blogger:)

    Annd those necklaces are so so beautiful !

  10. Great post !

  11. Nice Q&A.. cant wait for your giveaway. Stay lovely x

  12. Great post!!
    very sweet, love reading your Q&A!!!

    ps: i got invitation from Barney in Dallas. I met Rodarte sisters when they had a show here in Dallas. Then, I told the Barney's manager that I would love to attendant their show in NY. Here it is, the invitation!!

  13. Great post! Looved reading about you! And the images are simply fantastic. xo

  14. Thats a shame, but I'll be ready to congratulate you on your 50th post!
    I really like those shots you chose though. Really bold, and the monochrome theme of the pictures compliments it well.
    Thanks for commenting!

  15. I adore the pictures!! Your answers are a pleasure to read! xxooxoxo

  16. love sequins, great blog, check out mine if you have the time

  17. i would killll for the dress in the second picture

  18. Looking through old magazines and taking notice of things you missed previously- is by fra one of my fave things to do!! It's great to know a little more about youxx

  19. Ok, first off - that model's hair is incredible. I want something like that. Second, you'd want to be Alice? Didn't see cry half way through the book. She was lost and alone in Wonderland, and there was no one she could trust. Other than that, I get the whole fantasy world thing. As long as it's my fantasy and the world is a happy one :)



  20. Gorgeous photos. I love the clothes and hair!!

    I too want to one day open a boutique!

  21. Great photos. I love that first dress. Love this blog <3

  22. i loove random questions...
    so would you rather wear silverware or dollhouse furniture as jewelry?
    favorite character in harry potter?
    if you could only eat one fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  23. i would love to be alice from wonderland! i just disneyyyyyy (hearttttt)
    and i agree looking at old magazines never fail to impress me. sometimes its good to look back at the past

  24. Ah I want that sequin dress ^^

  25. HAHAHA. I think I actually laughed at the 50th post thing! ;) Looking forward to it! And I would love to work at Nylon magazine, too! Ahh.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Haha, that's really funny, cuz your sister commented about frogs in the garden too. I find that really funny, haha.

  26. Your blog is quite cute, I like the template colors and your header! Do you know who the model is, I agree she has great energy!