HOT off the Press!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

So excited to share my news with everyone in the blogger world now that its official, Ive been working part time (as well as my 9-5 job) with a new Irish Fashion Magazine called Eve. They asked me to write an article on the fashion show i attended in Paris and all about the summer 2010 trends. Now the magazine is out, and i got a full page spread!!

Sorry the article hasn't come up very good quality its been scanned in.
Outfit shown above was from few weeks ago when I was up at the coast, Cowl neck knit jumper: Bellissima, knitted long waistcoat worn over the top: random shop in Paris, Purple skinny jeans: Topshop, purple pumps: Office, earrings and necklace: H&M, Gold ring: Vintage (left to me by my granny) Pink suede handbag: Topshop.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend! xx

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  1. So exciting!! Congratulations with your job at Eve! The article is fabulous. :)
    I love your outfit too. The knit coat looks so comfy.

  2. You wrote that article beautifully!
    Congratulations for the job!

  3. So cool! I love your purple pants!

  4. :-O BIG congrats about the article girl!
    And i love your matching jeans and shoes hehe uber cute :)

  5. Wow congradulations. :D, and cute outfit ;)
    nad xx

  6. Congrats on your full page article !! So happy for you:)

    Adore your drapey front cardigan with those purple pants <3

  7. congrats on your job!
    that job is amazing haha i would kill for it...or for any job. but the only thing i can write is shit so yeah...not helpful ha

    purple pants& drapy coat. i love!

  8. WOW HOW EXCITING. You must be super stoked! When I got my article published in *dun, dun* my lame, high school paper, I was excited. Yours is so much better and enviable! haha. Congrats! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Wow this is so so exciting!! Looks like such a great mag too! So are you gonna be on their team full time?

    Happy weekend dear:)

  10. Wow that's great!! Awesome!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  11. Zillion thanks for coming to my blog. I love your Purpleish pants match with your flatshoes.pretty! i love yours too, and i'll put your blog into my link.As soon.


  12. that article is great! You write so professionally :) nice purple jeans too!
    thanks for the comment, yeah the red diamond is a favourite of mine! xxxx

  13. hey!
    thanks for the linking!
    i've followed and linked you, cause i love your blog!

    i love your outfit btw,
    and you're very pretty :)

    love annie, xx

  14. These are great news! You are very luck to have such a 'stylish' job! WOW!!!!


  15. article is BRILLIANT!!! (not that i am biased) cant wait for more :D Debs

  16. That's so great and the article looks good!

  17. News on : Http://

    In Bordeaux City, a really beautiful town where we live :)
    Come on
    See ya :) Xoxo

  18. thanks! i thought so, too:) looks like you had a relaxing day that day xx

  19. Thank you for the comment ! Lovely blog.Follow !

    I like your style.Very girlie ^^

  20. Congratulations! That is so cool. I love your purple pants and hair color.

  21. Your blog is awesome! And your style is so unique. I will be following! Check out my blog - it's and I am selling variety of vintage clothes and accessories. Follow my blog as well if you would like to keep updated when the latest vintage is for sale! Lola x

  22. Congrats on the job!! :-)

    And I"m sorry you're having a bad month! :( I hope it gets better, you deserve it!

  23. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!

    I love your style! Your haircolor is to die for! I am on the journey of transitioning from black to red.....I cannot wait until I am finally a redhead! :)

  24. Thanks for commenting on my blog ^_^.

    Your blog is so cute, I love it.


  25. Wow: congratulations on the article, my dear! And going to Paris for Fashion Week. SWOON. What a dream!!! xx

  26. Congratulations on the feature!! That's so amazing!! I love your purple jeans so much!! xoxoxoxo

  27. that's so exciting! Well done xo

  28. Hi Vicki. I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate it. - Congrats on the job and the spread looks amazing! Must be a great job getting to write about fashion, trends, and shows. Hope your week is off to a good start.

    All the best,

  29. Hey :) Thanks so much for you comment on my blog, as usual i really appreciate it! I Love your hair - the colour is so bright and fun. Plus, this is a great blog! Gorgeous.

    Panda xx

    oh, and congrats on the job!

  30. i'm in love with ur purple pants and cool ur hair :))