Technical difficulties come in 3's...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So as I said in my last post the internet seems to be on the fritz in my house at the minute, well to add to this my memory card holding about 150 photos now says its not formatted, and my profile stats counter on my blog has been stuck for about 4 weeks now.. typical!!
So i was going to an outfit post from photos taken at the weekend, but shouting at memory card does not seem to be working so ill have to settle for finally putting up some awards I got! :)
(which I am very grateful for!)
I got these two great awards from the lovely Emily and Michelle! Both have great blogs so please check them out! :) So lacking ideas of what ten things to say about myself, I decided to cheat slightly and use a questionnaire style Q&A that I got recently got in an email forward..
so here goes..

1) What is your drink of choice at the minute? During the day Green tea, weekends and the occasional weekday night Baileys Irish Cream over ice.

2) Last film you watched? I just mentioned it in my last post, Vicky Christina Barcelona.

3) What are you wearing today? Miss Selfridge mini jersey dress in black and white, over Topshop purple skinny jeans, purple pumps from Office, and a black jersey draped jacket by Bellissima. (designer from work)
4) Music you're currently listening to? Hmm. mix of songs really, Shakira She wolf, The Noisettes, VV brown, Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling..

5) Favourite Magazine? Depends on my mood, Look Magazine if I want a mix of celeb gossip and up to date high street fashion trends, Elle UK,Vogue UK and Nylon for new deisgners, new trends and a high end fashion fix.

6) What book are you currently reading? Breaking Dawn (twilight saga..its AMAZING!)

7) Current nail polish colour? Im wearing Barry M dark aubergine right now but its badly chipped so ill prob change it tomorrow to Barry M orange.

8) Favourite fashion designer? So many!! but if i had to name a few id say Marc Jacobs, Gareth Pugh ( met him at a creative fair few years ago, he was so nice and brutually honest about the fashion business) and Vivienne Westwood.

Ok so thats only 8, but i think that will do!

Im going to award the your blog is fabulous to:

teacupsandsaucers, because she is my lil sis and i want to give her, her first award :)
handleyourscandal, because she is the next Perez Hilton and her blog entertains me greatly!
aleccarox, because i met with her in Paris and she is more lovely in person than ever thought possible and I find her very inspiring.

The Honest Tag award I am going to give to:

The girl with the bow tie because her outfit posts are fab!
Qin at the disco, purely because her blog is beautiful (as is she) and a great read!
Beneath the crystal stars, her photos in each post are so pretty and well sourced and each post is unique and different.

OK girlies!! Feel free to use the same questions as mine if you like, would be nice to see how other people answer these simple questions.
Thought id leave you with the last pics I salveged from my memory card before it turned against me. These gothic style rings I picked up in a market in Paris. They were a bargain at 4 euro each..

My last purchase of the weekend, a very sugary almost too pretty to eat cupcake from a boutique bakery on Lisburn Rd, it had edible red glitter on it, a red icing heart and icing daisy, with grey frosting, it was yummy! :) xx

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  1. A few months ago I had I went through similar tech-related catastrophies!! I tell u its a phase everyone comes across at some point!

    Thank you so much for the award and kind words, will post about it soon:)

  2. Congrats on the awards! You totally deserve them. I love your blog.
    Those rings are AWESOME and that cupcake looks yummy. :)
    Ooooh and Bailey's Irish cream over ice sounds really, really good right now. Lol.

  3. Awww technology is great... when it works and it rarely does! haha. Poor you huney. thank you for my award - much appreciated!!! i dont follow enough people to do them myself tho! nor do i have the followers man your just too good! also i fixed the fashion week photos for you to peruse!!!

  4. Congrats on the awards, dear! Love your gothic rings and I agree that the cupcake is entirely too pretty to eat:)

    Thank you so much for passing on the award to me! Have a great week:)

  5. Congrats on those awards girl ! heeee

    What a steal for those rings,beautiful :) Awwww,and a cupcake !! They my ultimate fave,looking yummy <3

    Ohhh and about the online blogger clothes swap. I think we should really do it ! An awesome idea and it saves money too :)

  6. Congratulation for the awards dear! You deserved it a lot and passed it on to such lovely girls too!
    These are lovely rings you have, girl, you're so lucky. I miss you and your amazing blog so bad (you now I wasn't around for quite a long time)! eh, answering your question on my blog, I did use the photoshop for resize the image into a smaller size and play with some colour tone combination. But I didnt put any additional layers on them... The background is my backyard's wall and it is rough and dull. I was hopeless to go out without my bf (because I need his camera, LOL) so I just go back home and use the tripod! :)

  7. Congrats to the awards dear!! U sure deserve them!

  8. hello! you have a very interesting blog! i love the design!

  9. I LOVE those rings

    and thank you sooooo much for the bracelet, I adore it and the gorgeous card x

  10. congrats and the awards, The rings look cool

  11. cute ring!!!!!!!! and that cupcake is divine... i agree with you, it is too cute to eat!

  12. green tea? a must drink. woody allen movie: a must. miss selfridge, great brand.

  13. just letting you know, that post of us meeting at the P-a-P is now online... have a lovely day!

  14. i love your super cool blog :)
    please follow me on my twitter . issyemargaretha . thanks .

  15. Congratulations on the awards and Yay! Thanks for my award. :) That cupcake looks just as tasty in a photo as it was actually!!xo

  16. Ooh, I just finished my internet problems. Maybe I passed them to you! ;) I know how frusturating it can be and hope it goes away/ gets fixed soon! And thank-you so much for the award! Very sweet! I love Nylon, Marc Jacobs and your rings!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  17. congrats on the award. i just had to say that those rings look more than good. and the cupcake photo's quite cute:]