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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apologies for the late post this week, I had planned to do a post last night but last minute was invited to a fashion show in a gaint tepee in a park and I mean how could you refuse that?
Was amazing night with free buffet, wine and the tepee was awesome and so were the clothes!

I attended the show with my sister from teacups and saucers blogspot and we got our photo taken for the Ulster Tatler which is a Northern Ireland Fashion magazine. Anyways I promise to get pics of this night up next week, but right now im off to the airport to meet my boyfriend Dave who has been working in Holland for the last three months!! and he finally comes home today! yay! So we are going straight to the north coast to the beach for 5 days and will be back on Thursday, so unfortunately i cant post until we get back.

Thought id leave you with some photos from my last trip to the coast, I had to hide my arms behind my back here cos they are so burnt! Jeans and belt are from Miss Selfridge, necklace from and top is from a sample sale.

North Coast on a nice day

Hope everyone has a great weekend! xx

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  1. Of course you couldn't refuse an invitation for a fashion show!! Have a nice time with your boyfriend and we are waiting to see photos from the fashion show :)

  2. omg, the view is fantastic! I hope I get to visit the north coast someday!!

    And how wonderful to be meeting your boyfriend after so long, I'm sure you're so excited:) Have a great trip and will be looking forward to your next post when you return!!

  3. the top outfit is so cute, i want that belt! ;)

  4. sounds like a great place for a fashion show!
    i love too :)

  5. Awesome! I wouldn't say no to a fashion show either! Sounds like you've got a little mini vacation planned, eh? Have a wonderful time and see you soon! xxooxxo

  6. Gorgeous photos! And you look adorable. :)

  7. The pictures are fabulous. I soo need to visit the beach sometime also. The outfit is adorable. =)


  8. Hope you have a wonderful time at the north coast, the pictures you have posted of it are gorgeous! xo

  9. Beautiful, it looks so peaceful there! Love that top you are wearing.

  10. thank you ever so much for your comment dear, and these pictures are all so beautiful ♥

  11. Wow, love how you belted the top <3

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  13. Wowwwww amazing view: beautiful pics!

    One Love,

  14. Lucky you.. as if you could refuse an invite like that!! Sounds great. Have an awesome time on your trip:) How exciting nothing beats finally seeing a person who is dearly missed!!

  15. That sounds so nice :D And the pictures are great!

  16. Ahh, beautiful skies. You are so so so lucky to get such wonderful weather! Hugs!

  17. north coast looks amazing! i want to live europe so badly. aww your so lucky to be invited to show. i must go to one next year

  18. Hehe of course you couldn't refuse!
    "You are invited to a fashion show"
    "No sorry, I'm blogging tonight" hehe ;)

    I'm loving the pictures darling. Someday I would just want to run away and indulge in these beautiful places on my own.

    Hope your having a lovely week ♥

  19. oh how beautiful those photos are :)! it's amazing that you went to a fashion show darling. much love ♥