Paris part one..

Monday, September 07, 2009

Hi everyone! Im back! I had such a great time in Paris and the show was unlike anything I have ever been too! I ended up taking 138 photos in total in 4 days! Mostly of the fashion shows, so Ive decided to divide Paris into two posts so I can show loads of pics!

The Eiffel Tower! So amazing to see for the first time and even better lit at night!

This photo is a little blurry as I was on the boat ride up the river.

They had everything at the show! Even a beauty spot where make up artists were at hand if you needed freshening up!

The first show I was able to catch was 3 runways, one yellow, one blue, one red.
and showed the top 100 must have items for Spring 2010.

The fashion show in the 'Creative By' Universe was amazing! I managed to get a spot standing at the end of the runway beside the press photographers! The models moved so quickly I had to snap like mad to catch a picture.
Linen dresses in every colour are the must have item for Spring 2010, this dress was shown in a rainbow of colours moss green, turquoise, coral, mustard, white, and inky navy. With a handkerchief hem I loved this dress on the runway! (granted the models could make a plastic bag look amazing!) I managed to also meet up with lovely Alecca Rox from Greece who was also at the show for work! I will post a pic of us together and tell you all about it in my next post!

Thank you for all your lovely comments while I was away I hope to reply to everyone over the next few days. Im also so pleased some of you liked my sketch i edited over the Paris photos, I might do some more sketches soon and do another post like this!

Also better late than never! Giveaway results!!
The winners of my giveaway are:

Winner of the bracelet: a daisy chain dream
Winner of a custom made felt brooch: Sparkly Stars
Winner of the 2nd custom brooch: Diary of a young designer.

Thank you to everyone who entered! If the winners could email me their full addresses I can post out their prizes! xx

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  1. LOVE the pictures

    and yay, I never win anything so I am very excited!

    now, I'm likely being dense, but what is your e-mail address?!

  2. Fabulous photos! I love how they are so colorful and full of energy. And all the clothes you've showed so far are gorgeous!! I'm so glad you had a great time on your trip. Paris sounds amazing. :)

  3. Yay! I'm so exited! Thanks so much, I never win anything so this is awesome! Lol.

    Your pics are amazing, that eiffel tower one is breathtaking!


    PS: where can I get your email? mine's

  4. Thanks so much for the advice.. I wan't to travel around the world honestly... oh and Paris I just can't wait to visit!! Looks like you had a blast, I'm so envious!!!

  5. Paris is truly wonderful and more:) Did you manage to catch the eiffel tower when they lit up tiny twinkling stars on it for about 5 minutes? MAGIC! Oh I wished I went for a boat ride too, it looks amazing!!

    Can't wait to see more of your pics, I've never been to a real fashion show before, it looks so interesting:)

    wow. paris is an absolute wonderland!
    the runways are just too colourful and unique
    and they have beauty spots? oh the luxury, the luxury!

  7. aww i want to go to paris ! haha . that seems so much fun ! :D

  8. paris sounds lovely. the eiffel tower looks magical at night time, i would love to visit it one day. yay im so glad i won! my email address is please could i have the heart brooch, the light pink one. thank you lots and lots ♥

  9. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time! Your pictures are awesome...especially the one of the Eiffel Tower. Looking forward to part two. xo

  10. Haha! I know what you mean about ending up with endless photos to be sorted!!

    It was lovely meeting you;)
    Next up: Athens? You are always welcome to pay me a visit when you feel like it...

  11. What a lovely post! It's always nice to see a feature on Paris from another perspective :) I agree the Eiffel Tower is even prettier at night and thanks for sharing all those snapshots from the trade show... love the colorful linen dresses!

    Thanks for your kind comment and I'm really loving your blog!

  12. Paris sounds so much fun! Hurry up and post part two..I can't wait to hear more.xo

  13. I wish I could be there! Pls, post more photos, this event sounds very interesting!!

  14. Hey Vik :)
    OMG I want to go to Paris =( your so lucky to go and lovely that you had such an amazing time.
    Yeahs I ran out of my polaroid film and I don't have time to get new film because right now its not a worry. So yep, I just made it into a polaroid frame but its something I have not done for myself its actually from the site called Poladroid :) oh do get it! you'll be delighted, i promise ♥

    have fun loves

  15. I love Paris !

  16. Ahh, gorgeous. I'm longing for Paris. I went there a few years ago, but didn't really appreciate it as much as I would now! I'm seriously envious. I do remember that the eiffle tower at night is one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. EVER. Looks like a fun trip!! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  17. SO beautiful! I hope one day I can see Paris... I can only imagine what an experience it must be!

  18. I've always wanted to go to Paris and get proposed by a handsome man there! I just checked out your sketches in the post below and they're so amazing! You're such a talented artist! xoxoxo

  19. looks beautiful and like an amazing time^^ I hope I make it to Paris one day.
    PS you've been added to our blogroll

  20. How exciting! Catwalk photography is the best.

  21. gorgeous photographs, i can't wait to go to Paris myself :)! congratulations to the winners! and thank you ever so much for the lovely comment <3

  22. I miss the Eiffel Tower. It is iconic.

  23. youre so lucky! im so jealous ahh
    love the photos

  24. The photo of the effiel tower is so gorgeous!

  25. aaahhh sounds like you had a great time!! :)

  26. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog girl ! Yea,work sometimes get in th way of blogging:(

    Ohhhh,and I missed the giveaway ! Hope there will be a next one soon <3

    And you gone to Paris ?!! So so cool,and I'm loving all those photos you took. All those dresses look stunning :)

    Following your blog girl <3

  27. i really love that tiered multi colored dress. those colors! gosh the movement of the garment! must have been amazing watching those live!

  28. such stunning pics

    prettyneons X