Paris part deux!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apologies for the very late second Paris post, the internet has a mind of its own in my house and has decided to pick and choose when it wants to work, even when it does work, it wont work in my room or living room. Which makes blogging quite difficult!!
Okay here are some more of the photos from my work trip to Paris!!

The theme or title of the Pret a Porter fashion show this year was ' Dans L'Air' meaning in the air. The lovely Alecca Rox managed to snag me an extra copy of the press release for the show (only given to press and journalists) in it, it describes this to be ' a unique way to mix fashion and art to highlight the trends of the moment'. Above is an art installation on the theme Dans L'Air created by Jean-Phillipe Illanes, he also had giant blow up animals dotted around the show.

More catwalk photos!!

I loved this outfit with over the knee socks and obi sash belt.
The models used for this show were all quite unique some had facial piercings, others had many tattoos on show, the blonde girl shown above with short hair had it shaved along one side. Was nice to see uniqueness on the catwalk.

Me and the lovely Alecca Rox, in the press lounge. Unfortunately this is a pretty awful photo of me but it is the only one we had time to take by setting our cameras on timer and putting them on the bar! check out for more great photos from the show!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
Mine has been filled with sunny days (for once!) eating pineapple chunks.. listening to Carrie Underwood, catching up with friends, drinking Baileys over ice.. walking my dogs and watching Vicky Christina Barcelona.. :) xo
OH forgot to say i now have a email esp for my blog, you can email me at, email me if there is anything you want me to post about or what you would like me to do more of, or if you just wanna ask me something! xx

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I don't have a links list yet on my blog but when I'll have it I'll put you there for sure, I'll tell you then, ok? :)

    Oh, I loved Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona! :)

    xx from Madrid!:-)

  2. oh, such beautiful pictures dear vicki! it looks like you have been having such a lovely adventure ♥

  3. Thank you, Vicky, for sharing more photos of this wonderful event!! Lucky you!!

  4. thx for all the references, wish I was back at that lounge having macarons and coffee and chatting to you;)

    i did sent you the photo from my camera, did it reach you?

  5. Gorgeous catwalk photos! I love them.

  6. This looks so great :D
    And thanks sweety!

  7. Hey Babycakes!! Glad ive got you loving my fellow namesake (ok the more talented and chace crawford dating namesake haha). Rejigged my site - hope it looks better.
    Also your paris pics are DEVINE! Im amazed you got all these photos done in between everything you did in such a short time - muchos props homie - wuda liked to see more pics of you modelling tho missy! much love!

    like gossip ? love

  8. Ohhhh,I love the theme of the fashion shows ! And those runway clothes are stunning ! And really colorful :)

    Wowww,and the models they used were really unique and that's good ! Cos' most of the times,alot of shows don't quite allow such models.

  9. Beautiful pictures, dear! Must have been really exciting, I'm guessing you must miss Paris like mad now:)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comments. I'm seriously loving your blog too, and your job that takes you to shows and Paris! Wow what an incredible trip!!! What type of work do you do??? I want your job! Are you on the editorial side or styling or designing??

  11. wow, looks like great fun, with those beautiful runway shows!!! i love your red hair with the straight bangs too :D

  12. You look beautiful as usual.. Life looks awesome for you right now! I would kill to be in Paris visiting such amazing shows..x

  13. You look fab!

    As for the domain, you go to your Dashboard and go to Settings and then it says Custom click on that and it costs about 10$ USD and you can pick any name that's available. Hope this makes sense!

    x Antonia

  14. ahhh amazing pictures.
    i love your blog :)

  15. OMG I love seeing runway shows!

  16. A-m-a-z-i-n-g! I must say. Lucky to be right at the front!!

  17. Hi! thanks so much for commenting me! I love your blog too, WOW I´ve never been to Paris, it must be great...

    Vicky Cristina Barcelona is so great, I happen to live very near Oviedo, where they fly together :D and it is a marvelous city...


  18. this looks so fun!! Looks like you had great seats :D

  19. what style you have. simply fabulous blog. I have just followed You have 60 followers now. sorry but somehow 60 is just so much better than 59!
    Tomorrow x

  20. thanx for the lovely blog comment. I hope a will be a 'stella mccartney' one day that is such an ambition for me it is great to be told by someone else that they think I can do it!
    Will keep updated on your blog because it's wonderful.

  21. ey! check this out! I am having a giveaway of something you will find familiar, you are welcome to participate;)

  22. the balloon installation is so cool! but what happened if the ac was too strong? ;)

  23. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master. Great Blog!! That was amazing