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Monday, August 10, 2009

So I managed to get out of my house for the first time in a week after being sick to get my hair coloured, i change my hair colour slightly everytime i go and am never scared of change. I decided to go bright bright orange but some how ended up with this cherry red!? I hated it at first but its starting to grow on me now..
Awhile back the lovely Alecca Rox tagged in me in a ten things about you tag, and im finally getting round to doing it now :)

1) Im a part time florist, i worked in florists as my part time job all through school and college and my mum is wedding florist so I help her when ever i can. I love flowers!

2) I spent last Nov and Dec in Lapland being an elf for Santa (for a travel company). I thought it would be a great adventure, it was but it was extremely hard work.

3) Im the eldest of 3 children. I have a brother Adam who is 22 and a sister Sophie who is 21.

4) Im scared of spiders and heights.

5) I have a full fat coke addiction, without my daily dose of sugar i get grumpy!

6) The first CD i ever bought was Britney Spears hit me baby one more time.

7) I took canoeing, ballet and horse rididng lessons as a kid. Horse riding was the only one that stuck.

8) I talk in my sleep if ive been drinking. (usually scaring the crap outta my boyfriend, lol)

9) Im planning on touring Ireland and Europe in a VW campervan, I just need someone to lend me £10,000 to buy a VW!!

10) Ive worn glasses since i was 6 yrs old and currently have three pairs. Hopefully one day ill have a pair in every colour!

So Im gonna tag a few lovely blogs back:

Teacups and bows
Sunflares Plethora
Live glam or die

A few photos i took in Lapland. xx

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  1. Lol, it made me laugh when you said you had a coke addiction, hehe.

    I like the black glasses. You have really pretty colored hair :)

    xx. mavi

  2. Baby One More Time was my first single ...although it was a casette!lol!

    And I'm soooo sorry I've taken so long to get back to you! I promise I'm normally really good at replying to comments but with setting up Diamond in the Rough all last week, I was so SWAMPED!
    I'm thrilled you want to get involved!
    For now, if you could send me on your recommended blogs that fill the requirements we've specified that would be great!!!
    And then if you'd like to get more involved we have some behind-the-scenes work that will need doing in a few weeks time! No pressure tho!!!
    Oh and my email is

  3. ur such a lovely redhead! and YES the girl with feathered shoulderpad is me..actually its me on all the pics..hihi

    One Love,

  4. this is soo interesting! i love the lapland thing.. how awesome! xxx

  5. Nice hair colour! And I love the pictures of Lapland, they're lovely (;

  6. Oh,thanks for the comment! I've put up some pictures of the festival now..

  7. Thanks for the tag! Your hair looks FAB

  8. oh your hair is fab!!! i would love your colour hair!!!

  9. love the black glasses. look awesome with your colour hair!

  10. Ah! I have a Coke addiction too! Love it and can't last a day without it! I love the cherry red hair! Love it.
    check out my trendy blog!

  11. wow!
    amazing photos from lapland!
    i can't wait for christmas seeing those deer!

    you're so pretty and you have a nice blog!

  12. The hair looks nice, very unique color actually. Keep it!

  13. I think your new hair colour looks fab!

    Nice pics of lapland as well! xo

  14. thanks for the tag :) and oh my! those photos from lapland look so so dreamy and magical ♥

  15. thank you ever so for the comment! i love your name...magpie girl! for magpie's are my very favourite kind of bird♥

    i love your hair, also dear! i wish so much to have red hair; i hear they are closest to nature. you are ever so lucky to live in ireland, and much love here from california♥

  16. love the pictures! i want winter and snow ...

  17. Hey Vik :) how are you?

    Um we plan to go on a holiday soon, like we didn't really plan it, it was like a "hey lets just run away" moment :) I just need to get out of here asap and broaden my horizons :) hehe I hope one day I'll be able to go, just need to get a suitcase that's all and a train ticket to the next stop in a country town hehe.

    I love the new cherry red! it looks really nice on you, you suit it tres bon!
    Awh Lapland looks so exquisite, i love the photos. So wish I went there D: there's just too many beautiful places in this world and I'm stuck here @ home..

    Hope you have a lovely week!

    - michelle

  18. I love your hair, it really really suits you :)

  19. I love your red glasses! I also wear red glasses and I wish I could have a pair in each colour!

  20. oh my god, but your hair is gorgeous! :) and i'm also scared of spiders like you, ew, they are horrible, really. those pictures taken in lapland are simply amazing. i wish i could go there one day too ♥

  21. i love your hair! you look SO much like florence and the machine! not only do you look like her, but your blog possesses the same quirky, faerie-tale spirit as her songs and music videos. check out her music video "rabbit heart" on youtube! =)

  22. Wow, that last photo is so amazing!

  23. I've said it before, but damn i love your hair.