Friday, August 28, 2009

So finally doing my first giveaway!! So excited! Im giving away this bracelet photographed below it was donated to me from my work for the competition, its bronze semi precious stones on a stretch band so it will fit any wrist.
Also two runners up will win a felt brooch made by.. me! who ever wins these brooches can pick whether they would like a heart or a cupcake brooch and pick the colour of the heart or the colour of the icing on the cupcake!

It also comes in this little velvet bag! :)

hand made felt brooches.

Ok so to be entered in the competition, all you need to do is leave a comment below and say what you would wear the bracelet or brooch with. If you are a follower or become a follower you will be entered into the competition twice. So more chance you'll win!! Its open to everyone not just the UK.
The competition will be open until Tuesday 1st Sept 6pm (GMT). Good luck!!

Also exciting news! My little sister is home for the month from Uni in Scotland and I have convinced her to start a blog! Shes been a great support to me and my blog so I wanted to share my support for her, check her blog out at

This is her as we had a tea party in the garden over the weekend!
Too see more photos check out her blog. xx

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  1. Nice giveaway! I'd wear the bracelet with a white eyelet dress or jean skirt with a white tank.

  2. Ooh very pretty :). I'd wear the bracelet with skinny jeans, plain vest top and long length cardigan or with my floral tunic dress and leggings :).

    P.S. Will follow your sisters blog xx

  3. very pretty, i would wear the lovely brooch on a light baby pink cardigan. with a pastel coloured floaty floral tunic underneath. pearls around my neck. white lace legans and piled on bracelets. the brooches are lovely! this giveaway is fabby :)

  4. Oh I just adore tea parties! And I love the bracelet you are giving away ~ wow!

    Let's definitely exchange links; I will add you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll presently!


  5. I just added you to my blogroll! Also it's a lovely bracelet, i love giveaways, always so much fun and generosity can never be a bad thing (except perhaps with illnesses haha).

    Tea parties are my favourite thing to do, they are proper and chic without being uptight and stuffy, and everyone brings a little of their own personality to the setting, the food, the decor, the atmosphere... i want to have one right now! :)


  6. Hey Vik! Just left you a reply on my own blog : ) & came to tell you, so I'll enter the competition, why not!
    I'd wear it with a sequin Topshop motorcycle jacket that I saw on Karla of Karla's closet, which has just been re-issued & I just saw today and would love to buy. Under it I'd wear a vintage pale pink/nude silk simple sleeveless Jackie O dress that I've had forever, fishnets & flat black little booties that I'd like to get (with gold metal accessories), also what I saw at Topshop today.

    I hope I"m a follower! Have to check. I think I am. If not, I will sign up this weekend.

    Feel better! Don't operate any heavy machinery!


  7. oh this is so lovely my dear! :) i also do felt brooches in my spare time! they are lovely!

    now, let me see, what would i wear them with...

    the bracelet, i imagine myself wearing it with an earth green dress and brown brogues, and i would probably add a short sleeved brown cardigan do it as well! *-* it's so lovely. i love the heart bead.

    now the brooches, either of them, i can really imagine myself wearing them with an outfit all of pastel colours. white shoes, a light coloured skirt and a flowy shirt. i would attach them to the shirt for sure, on my heart side of the chest :)

    much love <3

  8. That is soo sweet having a blogger sister! Love her booties.

    I would wear that bracelet with a military jacket and a white shirt, cropped jeans and converse sneakers and lots of accessories that match with its bronzy color.


    PS: I'm following now ^-^

  9. I'd wear a brooch on my favourite plain cardigans, especially with grey jersey..perfection.

    (I'm a follower)

  10. Great news about your sister! I am also trying to convince my own to start a blog with no results yet! I will definitely visit her blog xxxx

  11. Hi (:
    that cake is yummy & very adorable I'd probably find away of popping it into my hair as I often treat my hair as a nest to store gems. I'm sure I'm not the only one...or maybe I am?

    bye for now,
    peace & bows...
    prettyneons X

  12. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad to be back too even if being back means going to school again! Hum... what would I wear that bracelet with... Maybe with a white embroided dress and some golden heels!

  13. What a beautiful giveaway!! I adore the bracelets! I don't usually wear necklaces so I definitely prefer to accessorize my outfits with bracelets and I would wear it with my summer white dress and ankle boots!

    You little sister has a great blog too! She's very creative! xooxxxoxooxo

  14. oh wow that's a great bracelet ! love it . and maybe i will wear it with a dress and tights . it will be great if i wear a simple dress . haha . and i will also wear cute pumps :)

  15. Gorgeous bracelet! And I love that little cupcake brooch. So adorable! You are lucky to be so talented. I'm going to have to check out your little sister's blog now. :)

  16. PS. I am a follower of your blog now! :)

  17. great idea! i would wear that bracelet with an emerald green tunic dress, raspberry pink tights, and brown leather shoes. i'll def check out your sis's blog! =)

  18. Ah, I just came across you from a comment on Pigtails & Blushing Cheeks! ~Lovely post, I've just started following. I think I would adore the heart brooch really, my mother just gave me a little china doll from Wales, and I thought it would look cute as a brooch too! I would wear both together with clashing colours all over the shop, and a purple beret. Love ^.^

  19. Oooh! Very pretty, I really like those brooches. Have a real quirky charm.
    And thanks for the lovely comment. I thought the horse was great too, but a smaller one would definitely be a lot more versatile!!

  20. aww your creations are so sweet!! and your sister is really cute too ! thank you so much for your lovely comment too <3!

  21. wow wonderful brooches :)
    and the cupcakes makes me smile ♥
    i'm definitely became your new follower!