Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Twilight Cast.

photo from photobucket.

photo from photobucket

I feel like im living in Forks at the just wont stop raining and the sky is always grey. It doesnt feel like summer at all! The other reason I feel like im living in Forks at the minute is because im totally hooked on the books, Im currently on chapter 2 of Eclipse (hence the title of this post) I loved Twilight and New Moon and im sure this book will deliver the same!
Last pic is an outfit post from the weekend, thought the blue dress worked well with my new hair! Its from Dorthey Perkins, the blazer is Zara, the nude platforms are patent and are from Dorthey Perkins too. Gold chain earrings are Topshop, black bag from Primark.

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  1. Loving the outfit, the blazer is fab. Its really cute over the dress

    Also, I wish i lived in Forks! I love the Twilight saga books. I can't stop reading them! xo

  2. Your blog is so lovely! Polka dots are my favourite :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, you look stunning in the electric blue dress!! :)

  3. that third photo is so beautiful! i love the contrast of the bright blue dress with your hair! =)

  4. Cute blog. I love that blue dress and your hair color is gorgeous!!
    Oh yes...and I do love Twilight too. Sigh. Hehe.

  5. If only I lived in Forks! It must be sooo beautiful there :) And by the way, you make me wanna try some bright blue colour for my next outfit post! Let see! (cause I don't feel so comfortable wearing bright colour, but now I can't help to try!)

    hugs from indonesia,
    clara <3

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog and leading me to your adorable and whimsical one, you look so cute with your red hair:)

    After watching Twilight last year, I finished reading the entire saga within a few weeks. So excited for New Moon!

    Of course, we can exchange links, in fact I'm following you right this minute ♥


  7. Great photos...SO excited for twilight...

    I know what you mean, though. Where I'm at it rained/cloudy for the first 7 weeks of summer, with only 3 off days where the sun came out. Now we've been going through a heat wave the past 4 days. Hopefully the last week of summer this silly weather will find a nice in between and I can dare go outside and actually enjoy myself!

  8. Cute dress, you look so lovely!

    and of course, I love to exchange links!!!
    I added you now dear,


  9. woah your hair looks amazing against that dress!

  10. Love those rain photos:))

    And you look really lovely! The dress indeed looks perfect with your hair, and that blazer is amazing too!

  11. oh i fell like that too! lovely pictures btw and i love your outfit, the colour looks really lovely on you ♥

  12. I've never heard of Twilight until the movie comes out. I didn't really like the acting but for some reason, I will be watching when the next movie comes out! I guess I gave in! Strangely enough, it doesn't make me want to read the books though; perhaps because I'm no longer a

    You look so lovely in your blue dress! You have a very pretty shiny hair! xxoxoxo

  13. Sweetheart the blue colour shines on you.. and works so well with your gorgeous hair hue!

    I hope the weather gets better for youx

  14. i know a lot of people don't like twilight, but i looove it anyways... ;)

  15. Your dress looks great with your hair!

  16. Love your outfit!
    And I know I am so excited for Twiligh (yeah I just on the bandwagon as well!)
    Beth xx

  17. wow your blog is so yumtatsic I could eat it--OK that sounds odd lurrrrve the polka dots see you sooney got to go I've strained my eyes reading my daily list of blogs---which your on by the by.

    PeAce & bows...
    prettyneons X

    PS...Cheers for the nice comment glad you enjoy =)

  18. just wait till you get to breaking dawn!!

  19. The color of your dress is so unbelievably gorgeous! It seemingly twinkles and shimmers even in photographs! :)

  20. WOW. I love your dress. The colour looks amazing. It's so vibrant. It goes amazing with your hair. LOVEEEE.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. Oh, I hope you get some summer before it ends!

    That blue dress is lovely.

  22. lol...yeah, I will definitely have to check it out the next time I visit Barnes and Noble! If I become addicted to it, it's all your fault! :-) xxoxoxxo

  23. The blazer is gorgeous....and Edward Cullen=gorgeous!!!!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  24. I tagged you for an award on my blog!!

  25. Hi! I know a little bit what you mean because last summer I was in Dublin for 2 months (fell in love with Ireland) and I felt like I didn't have summer at all, but I really didn't mind at all...
    It rained so much, I wasn't used to it (I live in Madrid, and summers here are SO MUCH hot^_-). On the other hand, now I want summer to finish because I am fed up of to much heat!!! lol.

    Love the outfit:)
    xx from Madrid!

  26. I havent seen Twilight yet but I do love the color of your dress. Anything electric is fine in my book. =)

  27. Oooh your dress is beautiful; love your blog (: