Through the wardrobe to Narnia..

Monday, July 13, 2009

I ripped this out of Vogue last month, its Florence from Florence of the machines and looks into whats in her wardrobe. I love this pic its like a treasure trove of goodies surrounding her! I thought it was interesting to see a list of what is in her wardrobe, so decided id do the same and see whats in my wardrobe!
Dresses: 40
Skirts: 15
Jackets: 9 ( inc 2 Blazers and 1 vintage fur jacket)
Coats: 3
Cardigans: 10 ( one in every colour! lol)
Skinny Jeans: 8
Tops: 30
Shoes: Heels: 16 Flats: 8
Leggings: 4

I don't think my boyfriend is ever gonna believe me again when i say i have nothing to wear! Although maybe a few more pairs of shoes wouldn't go a miss? lol!

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  1. It's a girl, closet full of nice clothing but it still don't have anything to wear or don't know what to wear. To much is never enough!!hehe...

    Love the outfit in the pic!!!


    ps:it's exciting, can't wait, you'll have fab time there, shopping and eating. Hope you have wonderful time.

  2. thanks so much for your comment ^.^ and a girl can never have to many clothes - just say you're collecting them, that's what i always say :D and i love that picture of florence <3

  3. You can never have too many shoes!

  4. Ohh you need to hide this post from the boyfriend. haha.

    I have never counted the items in my closet, maybe time to do so..

  5. I love Florence! shes so cool!
    I'm going to count my stuff one of these days, it feels pretty scarey!

  6. To shopaholic- it was pretty scary i never knew i had so many dresses, the worrying thing is this is just the clothes in my wardrobe i have to chest of drawers filled wiht tops and jeans too!! magpie-girl xx

  7. I daren't go through my wardrobe like that!

  8. I love the picture. I can totally relate with this post.Even though, i have many clothes but i always feel that don't have anything nice to wear.I will never count my clothes. It is scary.

  9. I was going through the stack of magazines piled on my shelf and ripped that pic out of vogue too ;)
    how did you get the hummingbird bakery to send you samples of their goodies?... soo jealous ;)

  10. HHAHAHA! Thats a great idea!!! I will try it although it will take me a lot of time : )

    But I always don't have anything to wear!