Honest Scrap Award

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The lovely Victoria at Lily loves Lola tagged me in my first ever award :)
(check out her blog here!)

How this works is to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you tag 10 people with the award. Finally, let all the people you've given the award to know they've gotten it. Don't forget to link back to the person who awarded you.

1) I have not only a baby pug called Wiggley ( seen in my previous post) but also a full grown pug called Pudding, a jack russell called Pixie, a cat called Mario and two horses called Silver and Tess. ( you would think i lived on a farm!)

2) My middle name is Stacey

3) I have never broken a bone in my body (touch wood)

4) I am superstitious about magpies, black cats, walking under ladders and breaking mirrors.

5) Im apparently allergic to pork but i continue to eat bacon cause i love it!

6) Ive watched every episode of friends like a million times and know all the words.

7) Edward Scissor Hands scared the crap outta me as a kid, ive never watched it since.

8) I use to believe the easter bunny was real ( clearly i led a very sheltered childhood!)

9) Im a natural blonde, i started dying it shades of red when i was 22 much to my mothers horror but now its kinda an auburny colour and she actually thinks it suits me better than blonde. ha!

10) I love taking photos of everything and carry my camera in my handbag everywhere, im starting a night course in photography in September so hopefully ill get better!

Now to tag some blogs i like, Im tagging bloggers that have been very friendly and supportive to me as a new blogger (Victoria you wouldve been on this list had you not been the one to tag me!)
so this is my way of saying thanks!!

Life in Travel
Street Style: Polka Dot pics
Fashion Confectionairy
Toss your Goss
Pink Champagne
Girl with the bow tie
Iris's Closet
This Chicks got style

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  1. hi Vik,
    this is so sweet!! i always support you and thank you so much for your time and comments.
    I'll work on it.

    I enjoy reading your post as always.


  2. 2 pugs like me, yay! More pics of them are needed, I can't get enough of pugs! :)

    thanks for the nice words, i'm going to check out the blogs u listed! xx

  3. Aw, Vic, thank you so much! It does make all the difference - newcomers supporting each other (provided of course we truly do like each others' blogs!). I just could tell right away: you've got a generous spirit.
    I'm definitely going to do this - I have to now : ) - but must post & run out, will do it later & tag you.

  4. aww that would have been really cool doing the old version of alice in wonderland! and me to i don't think i can wait till 2010 for the tim burton one!!!

  5. I shall do this in my next post!

  6. Thanks so much for your comment!

    Love your collage from Polyvore!!!

    Thanks so much for your visit GIRL!


  7. Congrats dear! and thanks for your comment <3


  8. I know right! My dream was so amazingly trippy. I've never had one those dreams at all! I wonder how the mind works in order to have those dreams. Funny thing when you said about the medicine in Mary Poppins is that I actually haven't seen Mary Poppins before but just recently I watched the trailer lol.

    I would love to go back there soon =)
    By the way, I'm adding you to my list!

    Hope you have a lovely day,


  9. Hahah, that's so cute that you thought the easter bunny was real!!
    And thanks for tagging me!

  10. Have a great weekend. cheers

  11. I thought the easter bunny was real too:) I actually enjoyed believing that a big white bunny delivered chocolates to your door...

    And pudding.. is the cutest name for a pug ever!!