Friday, June 26, 2009

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Reality TV Star/Fashion Designer/Author/Model
Man these girlies do it all dont they! I'm such a fan of all these women and how they have 'their fingers in all the pies' so to speak. Emma Watson just looks stunning in these Burberry campaign shots and so does LC shown here doing a shoot to promote her novel, love her dark sleek hair do she is rocking unfortunately its not a permenant change its just a wig! :)

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  1. Yeah, Emma Watson is so beautiful. Great photos.

  2. i agree emma watson looks so *lovely* there

  3. Emma's style is so perfect.

    nice blog, kiss :*

  4. I love the Emma Burberry campaign. So classy.

  5. Emma Watson is really breaking into the fashion world. First with Karl Lagerfeld, then the burberry campaign and now shes on the cover of teen vogue. I just adore her..shes such a classic english beauty.


  6. You know I love Emma Watson:) I only wish I could be so naturally glamourous and well styled. I think we should save up and go shopping in New York and you can help me buy a whole new wardrobe (rather than me stealing yours:)

  7. she is beautiful!!!

    cool photos!!!

    Ps:I haven't been Holland, but my husband did. This is his reconment: going to museums plein, seeing windmills, eating Indonesian food and the restaurant is Yogyarta. Hope this help and have great time there!!!


  8. im a little bit in love with emma watson x

  9. Emma Watson does look fab there. I've never been a big fan of her but damnit, she is an all-rounder...
    I do feel a little like she hasn't fully got her own style though - she seems more like a dress-up doll sometimes.