Good enough to eat!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A very good friend of mine (i call her my email buddy) sent me the link of this handbag in an email simply labelled you'll love this!! She was right!! I want this handbag! Im not a big fan of straw handbags yet they are very on trend at the min for summer, but this one I would gladly carry around with me teamed with a maxi dress or high waisted linen trs maybe.. this delicious
bag is from Asos at a bargain price of £15!! Topshop also have some lovely straw bags shaped like strawberries and watermelons. Yummy!

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  1. hehe! isnt it delish! a practical steal - times like that i wish it was your birthday so i cud buy u a total suitable present like this!
    i seen the most delish bag in topshop today will see if i can find a link!

  2. so cute!
    i cuddnt pull itoff tho i wudd look childish and silly

  3. OMG OMG, I want it now!! SOOOo adorable!! I might just have to DIY a similar one. yummmm


  4. This is too cute for words.


  5. hehe cute! they should make it scented too haha

  6. Hey sweety,
    thanks for dropping by my blog (:
    I like your blog too! and oh my goodnes that bag is just adorable aint it!

    following you (=

    ♥ M

  7. that's adorable, clever, witty. as is your blog. welcome to the blogging world!
    i saw a fabulous - but expensive - handbag shop in palm beach, on worth avenue, and you've reminded me i should post something on it.

    just after i follow you. best of luck from london! i've just been blogging a few months and it's worth the time - there are some really kind & generous spirited women out there!