Can anything compare to Chanel?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can anything come close to a Chanel shoe? They are just that little bit of luxury that every girl would love and treasure! I would give my entire shoe collection away for the quilted Chanel boots above. Unfortunately not everyone can afford the price tag, me included! So I went on a hunt to find a more affordable alternative! The black sling back boots with bow detail above are by Faith and are a steal at £60! The black & white pump above (right image) are by Karen Millen priced £78. I will happily settle for these until one day I can afford the real deal! xx

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  1. hey just found your blog!
    very charming and I love the layout :)
    myself I'm not a huge fan of Chanel I could go on but to cut the long story short the shoes are impeccably made I would have to agree :)
    lots of love,
    nicky x

  2. Cute blog :) I really like the cupcake bag in your other post. Thanks for the comment! I live in Northern Ireland too :)

  3. thank you =)
    good luck with the competiton!

  4. Love those boots in the upper right corner. So adorable but somehow risque.

  5. No no and no I love Chanel. Nothing could compare but until my wages match the price tags i will just have to wait! lol xoxoox

  6. I wish you much luck, but you already have more visiters than me in the beginning! thanks for vistiting my blog, I adore this Chanel ankleboots!

  7. Really cute blog u have:) and thank you for visiting mine! I will soon put out some more photos of my apartment:) Thank you for your comment sweet girl!

    ♥ Tessi

  8. I'm not a very keen on Chanel and I think it relies too heavily on being THE brand and as a result Lagerfeld's clothes are often dull and not very innovative.
    I would say that the 'budget' shoes are excellent though! It's easy to get passable Chanel rip-offs on the high street since it's such a popular brand :)